Power Saving Check Test

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Power Saving Check Project

Power Saving Check project helps achieve climate protection objectives in partner countries and the EU. The social aspect of the project offers assistance to low-income households and promotes the reintegration of long-term unemployed people into the labour market.

Energy Saving Controller Course

The online course is an extension of the training course provided by the Power Saving Check project. The graduate of the course acquires knowledge of austerity measures that can be applied in households and public buildings. The knowledge gained enables graduates to apply effective climate and environmental saving measures. At the same time, saving energy consumption helps socially weaker households to save their budgets. The graduate of the course acquires social skills that facilitate its application on the labour market.

Course content

The course consists of 6 chapters and 18 lessons.

Main topics of the course:

A. General information on climate protection

B. Control of energy saving

C. Saving Electricity in the Household

D. Saving water in the home

E. Heating and ventilation

F. Control of energy savings in public buildings

G. Course of the Power Saving Check

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